Frozen Mountain Partner Program

What is it?

The Frozen Mountain Partner Program (FMPP) connects Development Partners and WebRTC Advocates with Frozen Mountain's products to deliver the best Real-Time Communications solutions to customers. 

Members of the partner program receive these benefits, plus more:

  • Exclusive Partner Program webinars and events;
  • Easy access to Frozen Mountain marketing materials;
  • Premium-level support if you are working with the referral to build their RTC application with a Frozen Mountain Product;
  • 20% commission for each referral that results in the sale of a Frozen Mountain product;
  • A 20% share of 1st year recurring monthly revenue from any LiveSwitch customer you refer to us, 10% in the 2nd year. 



Apply Today

Apply Today

How Does it Work?

1.  Apply to join the Frozen Mountain Partner Program.  

2.  Register your referrals with one of these three easy methods:

  • Go to and register your referral's potential interest in purchasing a Frozen Mountain product;
  • Add links from your website, blog pages, or social media to anywhere at  If your registered domain is the original source for a contact that subsequently purchases a Frozen Mountain product, you will be credited as the referrer and will receive a commission on the sale;
  • Email and introduce us to your referral.

3.  We'll send you a sales commission payment and a share of the recurring monthly revenue resulting from your referral's purchases.

Register a Referral

Register a Referral