Beyond Basic Peer-to-Peer Audio/Video

LiveSwitch WebRTC Server is an on-premise or private cloud software-based server that extends traditional WebRTC peer-to-peer video conferencing to include multi-party use cases that require advanced features and functionality. From two participants to ten thousand, LiveSwitch makes WebRTC- and SIP-compatible audio/video conferencing scalable, efficient and truly cross-platform.

The unique hybrid combination of peer-to-peer mesh networking, selective forwarding (SFU) and multi-point control (MCU) makes LiveSwitch specifically designed to enable powerful applications that include:

  • audio/video conferencing,
  • data channel interfacing and forwarding,
  • intelligent transcoding,
  • session recording,
  • SIP-based telephony integration,
  • text chat & messaging,
  • screen sharing,
  • browser synchronization (i.e. whiteboarding),
  • file transfer,
  • push notifications,
  • and more...

LiveSwitch is used by enterprises worldwide in a wide variety of use cases including Telehealth, Broadcasting, Telephony, Virtual Classrooms, Customer Service, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and general Application Development.

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Want all the power and flexibility of a LiveSwitch on-premise WebRTC server but don't have time to setup or manage your own infrastructure?  Try LiveSwitch Cloud.   LiveSwitch Cloud is a fully hosted cloud video platform using the same LiveSwitch API's our customers know and love.

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